This section is for patients who have been prescribed the Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology x 3 (CSAPx3)  functional test by their healthcare practitioner.



What I don't have a bowel motion everyday?

It is ideal to collect the samples consecutively however if this is not possible the samples can be taken over a number of days. However, the third sample needs to be taken within 7 days of the first sample.

How should the samples be stored during the collection process and until the courier arrives?

Samples 1 and 3 can be stored at room temperature OR in the fridge (fridge is recommended for Australian climate). Sample 2 consists of splitting the sample into two separate vials - one of which can be stored at room temperature OR in the fridge and the other needs to go in the freezer.

Why do I have to collect 3 stool specimens for the CSAPx3 Test?

This is solely for parasite life cycle/stage fluctuations - to ensure the best assessment of their presence. (Parasite eggs do not appear on stool specimens on a regular basis, therefore need to be tested over three days).

What about discontinuing medicines before testing?

There are some supplements and medications that may interfere with the results. Please talk to your practitioner for more information. Never discontinue medication without discussing it with your practitioner.

Should certain foods be consumed or avoided before testing?

No foods need to be avoided. However, 60-100g of dietary fat should be consumed daily for three days prior to the collection. Refer to below charts for help on how to fulfil this amount daily.


> View Fat Content in Foods Chart

> View Examples of 80-100 g of Fat per Day Chart



Please note; this information is not an alternative to reading your collection instructions found inside your test kit. Should you require further support, please contact your healthcare practitioner.