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Please note this information is not an alternative to reading your collection instructions found inside your test kit. It is very important that you read and follow your collection instructions found inside the test kit.

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Research Nutrition can not, under any circumstances, offer health advice to patients.
Should you require further support, please contact your healthcare practitioner.

Important Tips!

  • Ensure hand writing is legible and forms are completed in full
  • Names written on collection container labels must match names written on the form (e.g. abbreviations, middle names and initials) must be identical in all fields
  • Please ensure sample is tightly closed; if the sample leaks in transit it will need to be resubmitted
  • Please ensure correct amount of sample is collected as per instructions (no more or less than as requested)

Blood Draw Collection Centres

If your test involves a blood draw, please refer to the websites below for your nearest pathology collection centre:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before I see my test results?

Please be aware that if you are sending your sample by post, this may take up to 1 week to arrive at Research Nutrition. (You can contact your local post office for more specific time frames). Test results then take between two and three weeks from the date your sample was received by Research Nutrition. Research Nutrition then forwards the results to your practitioner. We cannot send results directly to the patient. Only your practitioner can explain your results to you.

Why can’t you send a copy of the results straight back to me?

This is for a similar reason as to why you need to book an appointment with your GP to discuss general pathology test results. It is important that your practitioner can discuss the results with you; therefore, we cannot give out test results directly to patients.

How are these tests different to the general pathology tests my GP can order?

Functional pathology tests are an extremely comprehensive assessment of what is potentially occurring within a person’s body. They often test very different things than what general pathology tests do. From the results, your practitioner may be able to develop more specific treatment plans that address the cause of your symptoms.

Why is this test so expensive?

We offer functional pathology tests that have been produced by leading international laboratories, meaning the samples are assessed in overseas labs, such as in the US. This means we cannot offer Medicare rebates on our testing services. Further to this, all of our tests use extremely accurate and scientific, research-backed technology, which can contribute to higher costs. The information gained from functional pathology tests can often provide a new level of insight that allows healthcare practitioners to develop more accurate and patient-specific treatment plans, to ensure their patients are on the right track to feeling better.

What day should I send the sample?

The instructions found inside the test kit will tell you to either send by courier or general post (depending on what test you are completing). You will either find a pre-paid courier bag, or a return postal envelope inside the test kit for returning your sample.

If sending by overnight courier service - we recommend timing your collection to have ready for pick-up on Monday morning - so that we receive it on Tuesday. Research Nutrition then sends samples to the overseas laboratories every Tuesday afternoon.

If a Monday pick-up is not convenient - please send the sample on Tuesday, or Wednesday morning at the very latest - so that we receive it in time for our second shipment of the week (every Thursday).

* This is particularly important if the sample is time-sensitive. Please refer to the Collection Instructions found inside your Test Kit to check if your sample is time-sensitive. Any sample that has to be frozen prior to shipment is time sensitive.

* Please avoid having samples arrive at research Nutrition on a Friday.

* Research Nutrition is closed weekends, public holidays, and 4 weeks over Christmas (mid Dec – mid Jan). Please do not send samples during this time.

* If you are unable to ship the specimen the same day you finish the collection (i.e. over the weekend or public holiday), store your sample as instructed on the Collection Instructions in your test kit.

If sending by general post - from January 2016, Australia Post can take anywhere from 1-10 days to arrive at our Head Office. This can therefore add up to a week to our specified turn-around time of 2-4 weeks. If you would like your sample to be sent by express post, simply take it to your local post office and pay the additional expense for the express option. Express generally takes 1-3 days and will cost about $5.

How should my sample be stored while I am waiting for courier pick-up?

Please refer to the Collection Instructions found inside your test kit.

Will certain foods, supplements or medications interfere with test results?

Some foods, supplements and medications can influence the test results. It is up to your healthcare practitioner to discuss with you what foods, supplements or medications they want you to continue or discontinue. Never discontinue medication without speaking with your healthcare practitioner.

What if I am not feeling my normal self (i.e. have the flu, no appetite, etc.), should I still perform my test?

It is best to contact your practitioner – they may like you to wait until you are feeling back to your normal state of health before conducting the test.

What if I don’t feel comfortable doing this test?

It may help to perform the test when you are in the privacy of your home, on a day where you don’t have much else on. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the test and approach it as a step-by-step process. After you complete the first step, you can then read the instructions to see what your next step is. Remember, your practitioner has recommended that you do the test in order to help you reach a better state of health. If you are feeling too overwhelmed and / or uncomfortable, we suggest that you contact your practitioner to discuss other options.

Are my test results kept confidential?

Research Nutrition will never share your test results with anyone other than your healthcare practitioner.

How do I order my test kit?

It is the practitioner’s duty to mark which test(s) are prescribed to you on the Pathology Request Form. You can then send the completed form to us by email, fax, or post. Alternatively you can order online by following the links from our PATIENT RESOURCES page.

When does my credit card get charged?

Full test price (including handling fee) is charged to your credit card on the same day we receive your test kit order. The kit is then generally dispatched within 1 business day. Please allow 1-5 working days for delivery.

What if I change my mind about the test after ordering the kit?

Request for a refund on an unsubmitted test must be made no more than 30 days after the test kit order. The handling fee will not be refunded.

Information on Specific Tests