(IgG to EBV-EA & VZV,  IgG & IgM to EBV, EBV-NA, CMV, HSV 1+2, HHV-6)

Certain infectious viral agents can sometimes contribute to long term chronic disease states such as fatigue, immunodeficiency and most notably Autoimmune Diseases.

Common contributors to autoimmune disease are viral infectious agents such as EBV, CMV, HSV 1+2.

These viral infections (in particular HHV-6) are thought to be a major contributor to Autoimmune Disease via further activation of an inflammatory immune response against viral and self-antigens. Viruses can also affect the ability of T-cells to detect antigens in the first place via cross-reaction (molecular mimicry).

Based on these mechanisms, detection of past or current viral infections therefore allows for associations to be drawn between certain viruses and various chronic health conditions and autoimmune diseases – which can assist in verifying which treatment strategies should be implemented and focused on, to halt the progression of chronic disease states.

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