Key Advantages

  • Simple, non-invasive breath test

What is SIBO?


Normally, bacteria are found in the trillions in the LARGE INTESTINE, where they perform various symbiotic functions for the human body. SIBO is a condition where bacterial overgrowth occurs in the absorptive area of the body the SMALL INTESTINE.

  • The breath test is a simple, non-invasive test. After a 24 hours preparatory diet, the lactulose (or glucose or fructose) test substrate is swallowed.
  • Lactulose is not absorbed and therefore may act as a food source for bacteria, if present, in the small intestine.
  • The bacteria may ferment the lingering substances and produce hydrogen and/or methane. These gasses may then be diffused into the bloodstream and exhaled via the breath.
  • Breath samples are collected every 20 minutes for 3 hours.
  • All tests use machines from QuinTron, the original manufacturer of BreathTracker, to measure both hydrogen and methane in a single sample of breath (alveolar air).
  • Extensive quality control, including carbon dioxide measurements to assure an acceptable alveolar air sample, comply with the highest standards of analytical excellence. 

Available Tests

SIBO BASIC: Lactulose Only

SIBO ADVANCED: Lactulose + Glucose

SIBO COMPREHENSIVE: Lactulose + Glucose + Fructose


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