DDI White

Key Advantages

  • Extensive anaerobic culture
    (optimised for Clostridium species)
  • Identification of ALL Clostridium species
    (including C. botulinum , C. tetani, C. perfringens , and C. difficile)
  • Toxins A and B indentification (performed when C. difficile is identified) 

(Stand alone test or add-on to CSA)


Clostridium is a genus of bacteria that includes over one hundred distinct species, many of which are abundant and normal inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract. Many of the Clostridium species are beneficial, some are virulent and several have been implicated as possible factors in the development of some cases of autism.   Due to the biodiversity within the Clostridium genus, it may be helpful to identify the prevalence of Clostridium species in symptomatic patients.

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