On January 1, 2018, new markers will be added to the DUTCH Complete™ and DUTCH Plus™ panels at no additional cost to you.

The new markers will be revealed next month and will include a few select neurotransmitter metabolites, nutritional organic acids, and two additional oestrogen metabolites.

In preparation for the new additions, and with very helpful feedback from DUTCH providers, these reports have undergone significant updates and improvements. Starting November 15th, all results will be delivered within the new and improved report. One notable change is that melatonin (6OHMS) and 8-OHdG results will move to their own page of “DUTCH Extras,” located after the adrenal page. DUTCH Extras will also include the newly-added tests after the first of the year.

As always, the Research Nutrition technical support team is available to answer questions and make sure you and your patients are getting the most from these tests.