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Meriva® and challenges to the eye’s middle layer

A trial on 106 subjects whose eye middle layer was challenged and relapsing since at least 2 years was carried out.(1) A 1.2 g/day dosage of Meriva® was administered (two separate admin. per day) for at least twelve months, complementing the treatment already in course. 86% of subjects in the Meriva® group enjoyed a subjective […]

Meriva® and the complementary management of bone health

Walking Performances and WOMAC Score Meriva® was evaluated for its efficacy in 50 individuals affected by bone health challenge (X-ray diagnosis confirmation).(1) The symptoms were evaluated by the WOMAC score; mobility was studied by walking performance on the treadmill and the overall inflammatory response function was assessed by measurements of C-reactive protein plasma concentration. The […]

Australian and New Zealand Fish Oil Products in 2016 Meet Label Omega-3 Claims and Are Not Oxidised

A new paper confirming that omega-3 supplements in the Australian and New Zealand markets are within oxidation limits and contain the labeled contents of EPA and DHA has been published in Nutrients. The work was funded by the Omega-3 Centre in Australia after a paper from the Liggins Institute was published in Scientific Reports last […]

IgG Antibody–guided Elimination Diets – Resolution of Asthma Symptoms

Food-specific IgG Antibody–guided Elimination Diets Followed by Resolution of Asthma Symptoms and Reduction in Pharmacological Interventions in Two Patients: A Case Report GLOBAL ADVANCES IN HEALTH AND MEDICINE, Volume 4, Number 1 • January 2015 • www.gahmj.com Kulveen Virdee, ND, United States; Jeannette Musset, BS, United States; Matthew Baral, ND, United States; Courtney Cronin, ND, […]

Research Nutrition Test Result Portal Now Available

Practitioners can now access their patients test results by simply logging in to Research Nutrition’s practitioner website. All results received from the 1st October 2016 will be accessible. Each practitioner’s Test Result Portal can be accessed 24/7 via the Practitioner Access section of the website and lists their latest test results on the main dashboard. […]

Clostridia Difficile – The Role of Toxin A and B in its Pathogenicity

There are approximately 100 species of clostridia bacteria that can inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Not all of these clostridia are disease causing, but a certain few can lead to serious illness in susceptible individuals. There are 5 main species of clostridia known to cause disease: Clostridia botulinum, Clostridia perfringens, Clostridia tetani, Clostridia sordellii, […]

3 Ways to use Niacinamide

Reflecting on these notable clinical considerations, we begin to understand just how relevant, powerful and versatile focused niacinamide supplementation can be. Difference between Niacin and Niacinamide? The two principal forms of the water soluble vitamin B3, include niacin and its amide form niacinamide. While niacinamide and niacin can both prevent the development of a B3 […]

Vitamin B3 Derivative Cuts Risk of New Skin Cancers

Research breakthrough could cut $500m skin cancer bill A year of treatment with nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, significantly lowered the risk of common, non-melanoma skin cancer in high-risk patients, according to University of Sydney research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. All 386 participants in this new study had a history of […]

Evaluation of a Commercial DNA Stool Test

In 2007 a CLIA licensed diagnostic testing laboratory (Subject Laboratory) began offering a stool-screening test that uses a proprietary DNA method reported as “DNA-ELISA” (not Real-time Detection PCR) in effort to identify stool microbiota. Claims have been made that their DNA assessment is specific and accurate, and is more sensitive than traditional laboratory methods (e.g. […]

Adjunctive Nutraceuticals for Depression

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses Jerome Sarris, Ph.D., M.H.Sc., Jenifer Murphy, Ph.D., David Mischoulon, M.D., Ph.D., George I. Papakostas, M.D., Maurizio Fava, M.D., Michael Berk, M.D., Ph.D., Chee H. Ng, M.D. Objective: There is burgeoning interest in augmentation strategies for improving inadequate response to antidepressants. The adjunctive use of standardized pharmaceuticalgrade nutrients, known as nutraceuticals, has the […]